Earth Girl Names, Page 14

Baby NameMeaningGender
DudleyFrom The People's MeadowMale
DumontOf The Mountain.Male
DunleyFrom The Hill MeadowMale
DunmoreFrom The Great Hill FortressMale
DunstanHill Of StoneMale
DuntonFrom The Farm On The HillMale
DustinA Fighter. Actor Dustin Hoffman.Male
DustyA Fighter.Male
EatonFrom The Riverside VillageMale
EbonyAblack Wood. Strength.Female
EchoMyth Name (Attended Hera)Female
EgertonFrom The Town On The RidgeMale
EilaVariant Of Evelyn.Female
EldenFrom The Elves' ValleyMale
ElderFrom The Elder TreeMale
EldonFrom The Elves'valley From The Old Town. Surname.Male
EldoraBlond Or Gift Of The Sun. A Name Given To Many Saints.Female
ElginNoble: White.Male
EllwoodFrom The Old ForestMale
ElmoreLives At The Elm Tree MoorMale
ElsdonFrom The Noble's HillMale

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