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Baby NameMeaningGender
PyrrhusMyth Name (King Of Epirus)Male
RamsesName Of A PharaohMale
ReshefMyth NameMale
RobertFamed: Bright: Shining. 14Th-Century King Robert The Bruce. Robert Burns The Poet.Male
RobinFamed: Bright: Shining Form Of Robert Popular Since The Medieval Days Of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son Of Robert Famed: Bright: Shining. Surname.Male
RoshanShining Light SALMALINMale
RowtagFire (Algonquin)Male
SageWise One.Male
SamsonBright SunMale
SandyAbbreviation Of Alexander Defender Of Man.Male
SaskiaMeaning UnknownFemale
SelenaVariant Of Celine.Female
SerafinAn Angel Like Being Of A Lower OrderMale
SerafineBurning FireFemale
SeraphimAn Angel Like Being Of A Lower OrderMale
SeraphinaBurning FireFemale
SeraphineBurning FireFemale
SerefinaBurning FireFemale
SirajLamp; LightMale

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