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Baby NameMeaningGender
IleneVariant Of Eileen.Female
IoneFrom The King's IslandFemale
IvarArcher's Bow.Male
JelenaShining LightFemale
JoashYahweh Has Given Or Yahweh Has Helped.Male
JomeiSpread LightMale
JosiahJehovah Has Healed. Biblical Josiah Became King Of Judah At Eight After His Father Was Assassinated. He Ruled 31 Years.Male
KaiUnisexual Name Meaning "The Sea."Female
KalamaFlaming TorchFemale
KandaceVariant Of Candace - Ancient Hereditary Title Used By Ethiopian Queens.Female
KarimGenerous; Noble; Friendly; Precious; DistinguishedMale
KayElder Sister (Hopi)Female
KeaganA Thinker: Fiery. Form Of Hugh.Male
KeeganSmall And FieryMale
KeezheekoniCheyenne Name Meaning "Burning Fire."Female
KeganSon Of EganMale
KenStrong; Physically HealthyMale
KennethGood-Looking: Fair.Male

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