Peaceful Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
JefferyPeaceful. Variant Of Geoffrey In Use Since Medieval Times.Male
JeffreyPeaceful GiftMale
JeffryPeaceful. Variant Of Jeffrey.Male
JemimaLittle Dove. In The Bible One Of Job's Three Daughters Known As The Most Beautiful Women Of Their Time: (The Other Two Were Keziah And Keren)Female
JeoffroiDivine PeaceMale
JingCrystal; SparklingFemale
JoliCheerful: Pretty.Female
JonahDove. In The Bible Jonah Was On Board A Ship God Caused To Sink: Sailors Traditionally Use The Name Jonah To Personify Someone Who Brings Bad Luck.Male
KatherinePure. Used Since Third Century A.D. Early Latin Forms Katerina And Caterina Became Katharine And Catherine. French Cateline And English Catlyn Came Into Wider Use During Medieval Period When Variants Multiplied.Female
KazuoMan Of PeaceMale
KenyaEast African Name Meaning "Artist."Female
KeolaThe LifeMale
KuhlbertCalm Or BrightMale
KulbartCalm Or BrightMale
KulbertCalm Or BrightMale
LaquetaThe Quiet One.Female
LiviaLife. Ancient Roman Name. Abbreviation Of Olivia.Female
LonoA God Of Peace And FarmingMale

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