Short Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
CurtFrom The CourtMale
CyMaster: Lord.Male
DarcyFrom ArcyFemale
Daisy"The Day's Eye."Female
DaleLives In The ValleyFemale
DanGod Is My JudgeMale
DaneFrom DenmarkMale
DaveDavid's SonMale
DavisDavid's SonMale
DaxA Town In Southwestern France Dating From Before The Roman Occupation.Male
DeanFrom The DeneMale
DeeAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With The Letter D.Female
DelSurname Prefix Meaning Of The. Also Used As An Independent Name And An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Del-.Male
DellaBright. Noble.Female
DemiAbbreviation Of Demetria - The Mythological Goddess Of Corn And Harvest.Female
DerryOak Grove. Surname.Male
DesAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Des.Male
DevAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Dev-.Male
DevonThe Name Of A Beautiful Farming County In England.Female
DiDivine. Mythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana Was Noted For Beauty And Swiftness: Often Depicted As A Huntress. Also Diana Princess Of Wales.Female

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