Short Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
FrankFree: A Free Man. See Also Francisco.Male
FranzGerman Form Of Frank (Free)Male
FredVariant Of Frederick Peaceful Ruler.Male
FritzGerman Form Of FrederickMale
GabeGod's Able-Bodied One. Variant Of Gabriel.Male
Gage"A Pledge, A Pawn"Male
GailLively; HappyMale
GaryCarries SpearsMale
GeneAbbreviation Of Eugene Wellborn.Male
GeoffPeaceful GiftMale
GerryFlexible: Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Ger-. See Also Jerry.Male
GillFrench Form Of JuliusMale
GinoBorn Noble.Male
GlenFrom The ValleyMale
GrantBestow Or Great: Tall. The American General And President Ulysses S. Grant. Surname.Male
GregAbbreviation Of Gregory.Male
GwenMythical Son Of GwastadMale
HalA Nickname For Henry Rules His Household.Male
HaleLives In The HallMale
HanaFlower; BlossomFemale

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