Spanish Girl Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
ConcepcionReference To The Immaculate ConceptionFemale
ConcettaFrom The Immaculate ConceptionFemale
ConnieStrong Willed Or WiseMale
ConstantiaConstancy: Steadfastness.Female
CrisannVariant Of ChrysantusFemale
CrisannaVariant Of ChrysantusFemale
CristaAppointed One. A Christian.Female
CristinaFollower Of Christ.Female
CristineFollower Of Christ.Female
CyntiaVariant Of Greek Name Cynthia - One Of The Names Of The Mythological Mood Goddess Artemis Referring To Her Birth On Mount Cynthus.Female
DalilaSwahili Name Meaning "Gentle."Female
DamitaLittle NobleFemale
DaniFeminine Of Daniel God Will Judge.Female
DanielaGod Is My JudgeFemale
DanitaFeminine Variant Of Daniel God Will Judge.Female
DeieneReligious HolidayFemale

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