16 Unusual Baby Names That Mean Storm

Nature-inspired baby names are hot today, and of course storm is a part of the nature, although sometimes it's very destructive and dangerous, just like the hurricanes. Here comes our selection of 16 unusual weather-inspired baby names that mean storm, feel free to choose your favorite boy or girl names from the below list. We think Lilith, Molan, Pilan, and Scur are all very good names for your babies.

Lilith: Hebrew girl name means "night monster, storm goddess."

Molan: Irish boy name means "servant of the storm."
Pillan: American unisex name means "god of stormy weather."
Scur: English boy name means "storm."
Abrecan: Anglo-Saxon boy name means "storm."
Adad: Greek boy name means "storm and flood god."
Lee: English unisex name means "sheltered from the storm."
Ekaitz: Basque boy name means "storm."
Indira: Indian girl name means "god of heaven and thunderstorms."
Tufan: Indian boy name means "storm tempest."
Tempest: American girl name means "storm."
Tempeste: French girl name means "storm."
Thunder: English boy name means "stormy tempered."
Girisha: Indian boy name means "storm god."
Wasula: American girl name means "stormy."
Ahohako: Polynesian boy name means "storm."

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