20 Cutest Girl Names Inspired By the Bible

Having a new daughter is a very blissful thing, and naming your pretty girl is one of the most exciting things. The Bible is a great source for baby names, and here comes our pick of 20 cutest girl names inspired by the Bible. These biblical girl names make good names for your beautiful girls, check out the below list and select your favorite name for your beloved girl.

Adina - Hebrew name means "adorned; voluptuous."
Ariel - Hebrew name means "altar; light or lion of God."
Carmel - Hebrew name means "circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn."
Charity - Latin name means "dear."
Chloe - Greek name means "green herb."
Delilah - Hebrew name means "poor; small; head of hair."
Dinah - Hebrew name means "judgment; who judges."
Eden - Hebrew name means "pleasure; delight."
Elisha - Latin name means "salvation of God."
Eva - Hebrew name means "living; enlivening."
Faith - Latin name means "loyalty; belief."
Grace - Latin name means "favor; blessing."
Hannah - Hebrew name means "gracious; merciful; he that gives."
Lily - Latin name means "elegant flower; innocence; purity; beauty."
Olive - Latin name means "fruitfulness; beauty; dignity."
Oprah - Hebrew name means "dust; lead; a fawn."
Sarai - Hebrew name means "my lady; my princess."
Shiloh - Hebrew name means "peace; abundance; his gift."
Tamar - Hebrew name means "palm or date palm; palm-tree."
Zina - Greek name means "shining; going back."

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