20 Cutest Boy Names Inspired By the Bible

Having a new son is a very blissful thing, and naming your handsome boy is one of the most exciting things. The Bible is a great source for baby names, and here comes our pick of 20 cutest boy names inspired by the Bible. These biblical boy names make good names for your cool boys, check out the below list and select your favorite name for your beloved boy.

Abel - Hebrew name means "vanity; breath; vapor."
Abram - Hebrew name means "high father; exalted father."
Asher - Hebrew name means "happiness."
Claudius - Latin name means "lame."
Demetrius - Greek name means "belonging to corn, or to Ceres."
Eli - Hebrew name means "the offering or lifting up."
Ezra - Hebrew name means "help; court."
Gideon - Hebrew name means "he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer."
Ira - Hebrew name means "watchman; making bare; pouring out."
Jordan - Hebrew name means "the river of judgment."
Jude - Latin name means "the praise of the Lord; confession."
Levi - Hebrew name means "associated with him."
Luke - Greek name means "luminous; white."
Micah - Hebrew name means "poor; humble."
Phineas - Hebrew name means "bold aspect; face of trust or protection."
Rufus - Latin name means "red."
Seth - Hebrew name means "put; who puts; fixed."
Silas - Latin name means "three, or the third."
Titus - Latin name means "pleasing."
Tobias - Hebrew name means "the Lord is good."

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