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Baby NameMeaningGender
SusannaGraceful Lily In The Apocryphal Book Of Tobit Susannah Courageously Defended Herself Against Wrongful Accusation. White Lilies Grew In The Biblical City Of Susa In Persia.Female
TajCrown TIMINMale
Tate"Pleasant And Bright."Some Variants Are Tait, Taite, And Tayte.Female
TatumBrings JoyFemale
TeoForm Of Tom; TwinMale
TurnerChampion In A TournamentMale
VachelLittle CowMale
ZanderAbbreviation Of Alexander. Protector.Male
ZaneVariant Of John. American Western Writer Zane Grey.Male
ZebulonFrom The Dwelling PlaceMale
ZekeAbbreviation Of Ezekiel.Male

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