Water Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
CaindaleFrom The Clear River ValleyMale
CalderFrom The Stony RiverMale
CaldreCold BrookMale
CaldwellFrom The Cold SpringMale
CaldwiellaFrom The Cold SpringMale
CalldwrCold BrookMale
CamOrange Fruit; Sweet; Mountain SunsetFemale
CamronVariant Of Cameron Bent Nose.Male
CaolabhuinnFrom The Narrow RiverMale
CaraidlandFrom The Land Between The StreamsMale
CariFlows Like WaterFemale
CarltonFree Men's Town.Male
CarswellLives At The Watercress SpringMale
CarterDrives A CartMale
CartlandFrom The Land Between The StreamsMale
CeldtunFrom The Farm By The SpringMale
CerellaMistress: Lady. Feminine Of Cyril.Female
CetoMyth Name (Goddess Of The Sea)Female
CetusMyth Name (Sea Monster Of Poseidon)Male
ChadburnFrom The Wildcat BrookMale

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