Ancient Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
AnisClose FriendMale
AntaeusMyth Name (Killed By Hercules)Male
AntigoneMyth Name (Daughter Of Oedipus)Female
AntilochusMyth Name (Son Of Nestor)Male
AntinousMyth Name (One Of Penelope's Suitors)Male
AntiopeMyth Name (Daughter Of Asopus)Female
AntoniaFeminine Form Of Antonio Beyond PraiseFemale
AntoninaFeminine Form Of Antonio Beyond PraiseFemale
AoifeIrish Form Of Eve Gives LifeFemale
AphraDust. Biblical Place Name.Female
ApolloUncle Of TristanMale
ApolloniaMasculine Form Of Apollo.Female
AquilinaAn Eagle: Sharp-Eyed.Female
ArcasMyth Name (Son Of Zeus)Male
ArethusaMyth Name (Nymph)Female
AriLion Of GodMale
AriaGentle MusicFemale
AriadneVery HolyFemale
ArionMyth Name (Horse Of Adrastus)Male
AristaeusMyth Name (Son Of Apollo)Male
AristotleBest Of ThinkersMale

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