Arthurian Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
LyonorsMother Of BooreFemale
LysanorMother Of BooreFemale
MabonaqainA KnightMale
MabuzRuler Of Death CastleMale
MadorAccuser Of GuinevereMale
MaheloasLord Of The Isle Of GlassMale
MaldueA WizardMale
MariadokKing Mark's ServantMale
MarkTristan's UncleMale
MarrokA Knight Thought To Be A WerewolfMale
MatildaMother Of MerlinFemale
MeleagantKidnapped GuinevereMale
MerlinArthur's TutorMale
ModredSon/Nephew Of ArthurMale
MorcadesSister Of ArthurFemale
MorganFighter Of The SeaMale
MorganaLegend NameFemale
NentresName Of A KingMale
NimueThe Lady Of The LakeFemale
NineveThe Lady Of The LakeFemale

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