Arthurian Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
CamlannSite Of Arthur's Last BattleMale
CarmelideGuinevere's Father (Thirteenth Century)Male
CarradoA KnightMale
CathName Of A MonsterMale
CatterickName Of A BattleMale
CatterikName Of A BattleMale
CavalonName Of A KingMale
CeciliaBlind OneFemale
CerdicName Of A KingMale
ChapaluName Of A MonsterMale
ChelindaTristan's GrandmotherFemale
ChelindeTristan's GrandmotherFemale
ClamedeusName Of A KingMale
ClarionName Of A KingMale
ClarissantSister Of GawainFemale
CnidelName Of A KingMale
CondwiramursWife Of PercivalFemale
CorbenicWhere The Grail Was KeptMale
CotovatreName Of A LakeFemale
CreiddyladlDaughter Of LludFemale
CundrieWoman Who Condemns PercivalFemale
CundryWoman Who Condemns PercivalFemale
CusName Of A KingMale
DagonetArthur's FoolMale

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