Arthurian Baby Names, Page 11

Baby NameMeaningGender
NyneveThe Lady Of The LakeFemale
OcvranFather Of GuinevereMale
OlwenMyth Name (Daughter Of Yspaddaden)Female
OwainSon Of UrienMale
OwenYoung FighterMale
PalamedesMyth Name (Son Of Nauplius)Male
PalsmedesA KnightMale
PantFather Of LancelotMale
ParzifalHero Of Several Arthurian StoriesMale
PellanorName Of A KingMale
PellesA Fisher KingMale
PercivalHero Of Several Arthurian StoriesMale
PeredwusName Of A KingMale
PetrusOne Of Joseph's DisciplesMale
PridwynName Of Arthur's ShipFemale
PslomydesA KnightMale
RagnallGawain's WifeFemale
RoynsA Welsh KingMale
RyonsA Welsh KingMale
SagramourA KnightMale
SaveageSister Of LyonesFemale
SebilleA FairyFemale
ShalottLand Of AstoletFemale
SigunePercival's CousinFemale

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