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Light Baby NamesSunlight provides the energy that green plants use to create sugars mostly in the form of starches, which release energy into the living things that digest them. Light make us feel uplifted, brilliant, and joyful, and it is also an inspiring meaning for a baby name. If you are looking for a light-inspired baby names, check out our collection of baby names with meanings relating to light. These amazing boy names and girl names have the meaning or annotations of light in various origins and cultures, and they make uplifting names for your babies.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaronHigh MountainMale
AbnerFather Of LightMale
AgaveMyth Name (Mother Pentheus), "Illustrious; Noble."Female
AilaFrom The Strong PlaceFemale
AileenLight. Variant Of Evelyn.Female
AineFire Or JoyFemale
AkenoIn The Morning; Bright Shining FieldMale
AkiBorn In AutumnFemale
AkikoAutumn Child; IrisFemale
AkilahWise; One Who ReasonsFemale
AkiraAnchor AILAFemale
Alaula"Light Of Daybreak."Female
AlbertaNoble: Bright. Feminine Of Albert.Female
AlenaFair: Good-Looking. Feminine Of Allen Or Variant Of Helen.Female
AleseaFull Of Life/LightheartedFemale
AlineFair: Good-Looking. Feminine Of Allen Or Variant Of Helen.Female
AlonaStrong As An OakFemale
AlulaFirst BornFemale
AlvinWise Friend.Male

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