Old English Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
DaltonFrom The Farm In The DaleMale
DanaFrom DenmarkFemale
DaneFrom DenmarkMale
DarbyFree ManMale
DarwinDear Friend. Nineteenth-Century Naturalist Charles Darwin Was The First Major Exponent Of Human Evolution.Male
DaynaFrom Denmark. Also A Variant Of Daniel.Female
DayneSurnames Meaning From Denmark.Male
DaytonSurname. Variant Of David Beloved.Male
DeanFrom The DeneMale
DeanaFrom The Valley. Variant Of Diana Meaning Divine.Female
DellaBright. Noble.Female
DenleyFrom The Valley MeadowMale
DenverVariant Of The Surname Danvers Meaning From Anvers. Capital City Of The State Of Colorado In The USA.Male
DerwardGuardian Of The DeerMale
DevonaDivine OneFemale
DexterName Taken From HeraldryMale
DrydenFrom The Dry ValleyMale
DuarteProsperous Guardian. Variant Of Edward.Male
DunstanHill Of StoneMale

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