Winter Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
GavynWhite Hawk. From The Medieval Name Gawain. See Also Gwayne.Male
GawainEldest Son Of LotMale
GawenBattle HawkMale
GawynBattle HawkMale
GaynorSon Of The Blond ManMale
GenayaVariant Of Jenny. White Wave.Female
GenevaOf The Race Of Women. JuniperFemale
GenevieveWhite WaveFemale
GenevraItalian Form Of Genevieve (White Wave)Female
GennaVariant Of Jenny. White Wave.Female
GennyVariant Of Jenny. White Wave.Female
GenovevaWhite WaveFemale
GenowefaWhite WaveFemale
GinebraWhite As FoamFemale
GinervaWhite As FoamFemale
GinessaWhite As FoamFemale
GuenevereFair One. Guinevere Was King Arthur's Mythological Queen. Jennifer Derives From This Name.Female
GuinevereWhite LadyFemale
EffieFair FlameFemale
GwenMythical Son Of GwastadMale
GwendolenArthur's WifeFemale

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