Arthurian Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
AuctorFoster Father Of ArthurMale
AugwysBrother Of Lot (Thirteenth Century)Male
AvallocFather Of ModronMale
AvalonArthur's Burial PlaceFemale
AvaronArthur's Burial PlaceFemale
AvilonArthur's Burial PlaceFemale
AwarnachA GiantMale
BaldulfA Knight (Thirteenth Century)Male
BalenBrother Of BalaanMale
BalinBrother Of BalaanMale
BedwyrArthurian Legend NameMale
BenoyceName Of A Kingdom (Thirteenth Century)Male
BercilakThe Green KnightMale
BernlakThe Green KnightMale
BertramBright RavenMale
BicoirFather Of Arthur (Seventh Century)Male
BlaiseLisp: Stutter. Blaise Pascal Was A Brilliant Seventeenth Century Child Prodigy: Mathematician: Scientist And Philosopher Who Invented The Calculating Machine And Hydraulic Press Before Dying At Age Thirty-Nine.Male
BlancheWhite: Shining.Female
BlanchefleurWhite FlowerFemale
BoarteSon Of ArthurMale
BodwynBrother Of MarkMale
BohortUncle Of Arthur (Thirteenth Century)Male
BorreSon Of ArthurMale
BorsUncle Of ArthurMale

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