Arthurian Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
BrandelesA Knight (Fifteenth Century)Male
BrandelisA KnightMale
BranorA KnightMale
BranwenDaughter Of LlyrFemale
BranwynDaughter Of LlyrFemale
BredbeddleThe Green KnightMale
BrehusA KnightMale
BreniusA Supposed King Of BritainMale
BrennusA Supposed King Of BritainMale
BreriA MessengerMale
BreuseA KnightMale
BryanPopular Variant Of Brian.Male
CadorNephew Of Arthur (Thirteenth Century)Male
CaerleonName Of A Battle SiteMale
CafallArthur's DogMale
CalibomVarious Names For Arthur's SwordMale
CalibomeVarious Names For Arthur's SwordMale
CalibumVarious Names For Arthur's SwordMale
CalibumusVarious Names For Arthur's SwordMale
CalogrenantA Knight (Twelfth Century)Male
CamelonSite Of Arthur's Last BattleMale
CamelotArthur's Castle (Twelfth Century)Female

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