Native American Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
PaytahSioux Name Meaning " Fire." PINONMale
PetaBlackfoot Name Meaning " Golden Eagle." PETUNIAFemale
PetuniaFlower NameFemale
PolomaChoctaw Name Meaning " Bow."Female
SalaliCherokee Name Meaning "Squirrel."Female
SewatiMiwok Name Meaning " Curved Bear Claw."Male
ShadiaShe Sings: Beatiful Voice.Female
ShyannaDesert Sun. Alternate Spelling: Cheyanne.Female
SihuFlower (Hopi)Female
SiwiliTail Of The FoxMale
SkahWhite (Sioux)Male
TaditaOmaha Name Meaning " One Who Runs."Female
TaipaMiwok Name Meaning " Spread Wings."Female
TakodaSioux Name Meaning " Friend To Everyone."Male
TanisSpanish Abbreviation Of Estanislao Make Famous From The Name Borne By Several Slavic Kings And Three Saints.Female
TasunkeDakota Name Meaning " Horse."Male
Tate"Pleasant And Bright."Some Variants Are Tait, Taite, And Tayte.Female
TeetonkaSioux Name Meaning " Talks Too Much."Male

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