Native American Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
KangeeSioux Name Meaning " Raven."Male
KasaDressed In Furs (Hopi)Female
KayaAdds A Place Of RestingFemale
KeleHopi Name Meaning " Sparrow."Male
KimiAlgonquin Name Meaning "Secret."Female
KionaVariant Of Kian. Ancient.Female
KohanaSioux Name Meaning " Swift."Male
KokoAdangbe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Born Second."Female
KonoMiwok Name.Meaning UnknownMale
KosumiMiwok Name Meaning " Fishes For Salmon With Spear."Male
KurukBear (Pawnee)Male
LanuMiwok Name.Meaning UnknownMale
LenAbbreviation Of Leonard.Male
LeotieFlower Of The PrairieFemale
LeyatiMiwok Name Meaning " Shaped Like An Abalone Shell."Male
LeytiShaped Like An Abalone Shell (Miwok)Male
LiseDevoted To GodFemale
LiwanuMiwok Name Meaning " Growl Of A Bear."Male
LokniMiwok Name Meaning " Rain Falls Through The Roof." LONATOMale
LootahSioux Name Meaning " Red."Male

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