Native American Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
FabioBean GrowerMale
FalaChoctaw Name Meaning "Crow." FLOFemale
GadJuniper Tree (Navajo)Male
HalonaOf Happy FortuneFemale
HanFaithful, MoralFemale
HantayweeSioux Name Meaning " Faithful."Female
HassunAlgonquin Name Meaning " Stone."Male
He-Lush-KaWinnebago Name Meaning " Fighter."Male
HelakuFull Of SunMale
HelkiMiwok Name Meaning " Touch."Male
HesutuYellow Jacket's Nest Rising Out Of The Ground (Miwok)Male
HiamoviCheyenne Name Meaning " High Chief." HINUNMale
HintoBlue (Dakota)Male
HolaEwe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Savior."Female
HonaniHopi Name Meaning " Badger."Male
HononMiwok Name Meaning " Bear." HONOVIMale
HonoviStrong Deer (Hopi)Female
HotahSioux Name Meaning " White." HOTOTOMale
HototoWarrior Spirit Who Sings (Hopi)Male
HowahkanOf The Mysterious Voice (Sioux)Male

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