Native American Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
HowiTurtle Dove (Miwok)Male
HuataMiwok Name Meaning " Carrying Seeds In A Basket." HUMITAFemale
HuritAlgonquin Name Meaning "Beautiful."Female
HurittHandsome (Algonquin)Male
HuyanaMiwok Name Meaning " Falling Rain." IMALAFemale
IchtacaUnisexual Name Meaning "Secret."Female
IcnoyotlUnisexual Name Meaning "Friendship."Female
IlhuitlUnisexual Name Meaning "Day."Female
ImaraFemale Version Of ImreFemale
InteusHas No ShameMale
IsiChoctaw Name Meaning "Deer." ISTASFemale
ItotiaUnisexual Name Meaning "Dance."Female
IuitlUnisexual Name Meaning "Feather."Female
IxcatzinLike CottonFemale
JacyBased On The Initials J.C. Or An Abbreviation Of Jacinda.Female
JolonValley Of The Dead OaksMale
KachinaSpirit (Hopi)Female
KaliskaMiwok Name Meaning " Coyote Chasing Deer." KANTIFemale

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