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Baby NameMeaningGender
BillyNickname For William - Resolute Protector - Often Used As An Independent Name.Male
BlakeDark: Dark-Haired. Can Also Mean The Reverse -Fair: Pale. BlakemanMale
BobbyAbbreviation Of Robert.Male
BradleyFrom The Broad MeadowMale
BrandonFrom The Beacon HillMale
BraydenBroad Hillside.Male
BruceSurname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.Male
BryanPopular Variant Of Brian.Male
CallumBald DoveMale
CameronCrooked NoseMale
CarterDrives A CartMale
CharlesA Man. French Variant Of Carl Adopted By The English Since Seventeenth-Century Reigns Of King Charles I And II. British Charles Prince Of Wales.Male
CharlieA Man: Variant Of Carl.Male
ChristopherOne Who Holds Christ In His Heart.Male
ConnorStrong Willed Or Wise Hound-Lover.Male
CooperMakes BarrelsMale
DanielGod Is My Judge. The Biblical Prophet And Writer Of Book Of Daniel Was A Teenager When Taken To Babylon After The Destruction Of Jerusalem In 607 BC. He Survived Two Death Sentences: (A Lions' Den And A Fiery Furnace.): Frontiersman Daniel Boone.Male
DavidDearly LovedMale
DexterName Taken From HeraldryMale
DominicBelonging To The Lord.Male

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