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Baby NameMeaningGender
SethMyth Name (Murdered Osiris)Male
SonnySon. A Nickname And Given Name.Male
StanleyLives By The Stony GroveMale
StevenVariant Of Stephen Crown: Wreath.Male
TaylorA TailorMale
TedAbbreviation Of Theodore.Male
ThorMyth Name (God Of Thunder)Male
TobyAbbreviation Of The Hebrew Name Tobiah Meaning Jah Is Good.Male
TommyDerives From Thomas Twin.Male
TylerMaker Of TilesMale
WilliamResolute Protector: Will. For A Long Time After The Norman Conquest In A.D. 1066 Many English Boys Were Given Some Form Of William The Conquer's Name. William. The Firstborn Son Of Prince Charles Is Named William.Male
XavierBright: Splendid. See Also Javier.Male
ZacRemembered By GodMale
ZacharyRemembered By GodMale

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