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Baby NameMeaningGender
JoshuaGod Is SalvationMale
JosiahJehovah Has Healed. Biblical Josiah Became King Of Judah At Eight After His Father Was Assassinated. He Ruled 31 Years.Male
JuanForm Of John Often Used In Combination With Other Names.Male
JustinJust: Upright: Righteous. Form Of New Testament Biblical Name Justus.Male
Kayden"Variation Of Kadin, Friend, Companion"Male
KevinHandsome Child. Name Of A Famous Irish Hermit-Saint. Kevin Is The Most Popular Of Many Spellings.Male
LachlanFrom The Land Of Lakes.Male
LandonFrom The Long HillMale
LeonardoLion-Bold. Leonardo Da Vinci Is Considered By Many To Be The Most Brilliant And Creative Men Who Ever Lived.Male
LewisRenowned Fighter. Form Of Louis.Male
LincolnLakeside Colony. The Name Of An Early Roman Settlement In England.Male
LoganFrom The HollowMale
LouisFamous In War Form Of Lawrence.Male
LuisFamous FighterMale
MasonStone WorkerMale

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