Popular Boy Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
MateoGod's GiftMale
MatthewGift Of Jehovah. In The Bible Mathew Was One Of The 12 Apostles. He Wrote The First Gospel Account Of The Life Of Jesus.Male
MichaelGift From GodMale
MiguelSpanish Form Of Michael God LikeMale
MitchellLike GodMale
NateGiven. Form Of Nathan.Male
NathanGift From GodMale
NathanielGod Has Given. One Of The 12 Biblical Apostles.Male
NedNickname For Edward.Male
NicholasPeople's VictoryMale
OliverLegend NameMale
OscarJumping FighterMale
OwenYoung FighterMale
PatrickPatrician: Noble. Romans Society Was Divided Into Plebeians: (Commoners) And Patricians: (Aristocrats). Saint Patrick - Patron Saint Of Ireland.Male
ReeceArdent: Fiery.Male
ReubenSee - A Son. Firstborn Of Jacob's 12 Sons.Male
RileyValliant. Rye. Form Of Ryley.Male
RobertFamed: Bright: Shining. 14Th-Century King Robert The Bruce. Robert Burns The Poet.Male
RoryRed. Sixteenth-Century Rebel Chief Rory O'more Is Celebrated In Irish Poetry.Male
SamuelAsked Of GodMale
SantiagoNamed For Saint JamesMale

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