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AbellonaDanish Form Of Greek Apollonia, The Feminine Form Of Apollo, Name Of The Sun God.FemaleDanish
Adara"Virgin."Also An Greek Name Meaning "Beauty," And A Hebrew Name Meaning "Fire." Variants, Adar And Adra, Exist.FemaleArabic
AgamemnonMyth Name (Leader Of The Greek Forces Against Troy)MaleGreek
AglaiaOne Of The Three Graces Of Greek Myth. "Brilliant." Variants Include Thalia (Blossoming), And Obsolete Euphrosyne (Joy).FemaleGreek
Agnola"Angel." Also A Variant Of Greek Anges (Pure). Variants Include Agnolla, Agnolle.FemaleItalian
AkilinaGreek/Russian Name Meaning " Eagle." Variants Include Acquilina, Aquilina, Aquiline.FemaleGreek
Alanna"Rock" Or "Comely; Beautiful." Also Possibly A Derivative Of Old French Elaine (Bright; Shining) Or Greek Helen (Light). Variants Include Alain, Alaina, Alaine, Alana, Alane, Alannah, Alayne, Alene, Aleyna, Aleyne, Alina, Alleen, AllenFemaleGaelic
AlexandrineFeminine Form Of Alexandre, The French Form Of Greek Alexander, Meaning "Defender Of Mankind."FemaleFrench
AllyrianeFrench Name Derived From The Greek Word "Lyre," A Stringed Instrument.FemaleFrench
AnassaGreek Name Meaning "Queen."FemaleGreek

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