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Baby NameMeaningGender
CallumBald DoveMale
CaseyBrave: Vigilant.Female
CooperMakes BarrelsMale
CrispinCurly-Haired. The 3Rd Century Martyr St. Crispin Is Known As Patron Of Shoemakers.Male
DallasDwells By The WaterfallMale
DamonLoyal Friend DANAUSMale
DariusName Of A PharaohMale
DeclanThe Name Of An Irish Saint.Male
DeidraMelancholy. A Variant Of The Older Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart.Female
DelanoFrom The Elder Tree Grove.Male
DenzelA Place-Name In Cornwall.Male
DexterName Taken From HeraldryMale
DiamondOf High Value: Brilliant. The Precious Diamond Stone.Female
DiaraName Of French-Speaking West Africa, Meaning "Gift."Male
DionAbbreviation Of Dionysius.Male
DonteContemporary Phonetic Variant Of Dante Enduring.Male
DukeThe Royalty Title Used As Nickname Or Given Name. Also An Abbreviation Of Marmaduke.Male

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