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Baby NameMeaningGender
SageWise One.Male
SeamusForm Of James Supplanter.Male
ShodaFlat And Level FieldMale
SimbaSwahili Name Popular In Eastern Zaire, Meaning "Lion."Male
TaliaDew Of HeavenFemale
TauTswana Of Botswana Name Meaning "Lion."Male
ThorMyth Name (God Of Thunder)Male
ThornFrom The Thorn TreeMale
TitusOf The GiantsMale
TorinVariant Of Torrence From The Craggy Hills. Tor Is A Name For A Craggy Hilltop And Also May Refer To A Watchtower.Male
Toshi"Mirror Reflection" Or "Year Of Plenty"Female
VirgilFlourishing. Roman Poet-Philosopher Virgil Works Have Been Classic Texts Of Roman History And The Latin Language For 2000 Years.Male
WaldenFrom The Welshman's ValleyMale
WalterPowerful RulerMale
ZaharaSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Flower."Female
ZanderAbbreviation Of Alexander. Protector.Male
ZaneVariant Of John. American Western Writer Zane Grey.Male

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