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Baby NameMeaningGender
HadrianSon Of AdrianMale
HalimaSwahili Name Meaning "Gentle, Humane, Kind."Female
HankNickname For Henry Rules His Household.Male
HarleyFrom The Hare's MeadowMale
HarrisonSon Of HarryMale
HoldenFrom The Hollow In The ValleyMale
IdrisA Prophet's Name; Meaning UnknownMale
IndianaThe Country India.Female
IsaacChild Of LaughterMale
IsaiahGod's HelperMale
IsidoreStrong GiftMale
JavierBright. Variant Of Xavier.Male
JaxMasculine Form Of The Greek Name Hyacinth Alas.Male
JemmaVariant Of Gemma.Female
Jett"Excellence, Abundance, Riches."Male
JiroSecond Son.Male
JoaquinAbbreviation Of The Hebrew Name Jehoichin Meaning Jehovah Has Established. Joaquin Miller The Colorful 19Th Century Poet-Adventurer Of The American West.Male

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