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Baby NameMeaningGender
MorganFighter Of The SeaMale
MosesSaved From The WaterMale
NixonSon Of NickMale
OrionSon Of FireMale
OrsonOrmond's SonMale
OscarJumping FighterMale
PascalBorn On EasterMale
PaytonFrom The Fighter's FarmMale
PeregrineThe Peregrine Falcon Is The Bird Most Favored In The Ancient Sport Of Falconry.Male
Phoenix"Mystical Bird, Purple"Male
QuincyFrom The Place Owned By The Fifth SonMale
QuintonVariant Of Quentin Fifth. Surname.Male
ReedRedheaded. Surname.Male
Rhett"Enthusiastic, Stream."Male
RhodesLives Near The CrucifixMale
RidgeFrom The RidgeMale
RonanLittle SealMale
RoryRed. Sixteenth-Century Rebel Chief Rory O'more Is Celebrated In Irish Poetry.Male
RowanFrom The Rowan TreeMale
RushRed HairedMale
RykerFast StriderMale

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